Distribution Channels


These are the four main distribution channels available to your company and product. Each requires a different approach and budget, as detailed below.

The Online Market is by far the fastest growing US retail channel, with Amazon.com its biggest player. There is no denying the steady upward trend of E-Commerce, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

Besides being an essential marketplace to participate in for obvious reasons, the online market also provides unique opportunities due to the fact that it has the fewest barriers to entry and by far the lowest start-up cost when compared to any retail distribution effort. Even if e-commerce is not the primary focus, a strong online presence is essential from a branding, educational and PR point of view in order to engage and stay connected with your audience.

In addition, there is no quicker way to market than developing an online store and using Google Pay-Per-Click to gain immediate exposure and sales combined with Search Engine Optimization for long-term traffic. The companion benefits to this approach are the instantaneously available analytics that track your sales metrics, monitor the marketing approach and provide the insight necessary to immediately identify any needed campaign modifications.

Natural Products Solutions will develop and manage your Web Development and Online assets so you can begin to build an online presence for your brand, and we can continue to expand your brand recognition through Internet Marketing and Social Media campaigns without the large advertising budgets needed to support retail distribution.

The natural products boom is continuing for the foreseeable future as we move forward towards the day when “Natural Market” is synonymous with “Mass Market”.
As health-consciousness proliferates through continued education and widespread adoption, this day may come sooner than we think.

The natural market still values quality of ingredients, efficacy, and embracing of “natural ideology” over cost considerations. The opportunity for new brands truly pushing the quality envelope is still great. Natural Market Solutions specializes in developing and introducing brands to this market.

Our broker network has “sold-in” multiple brands into independent “mom and pop” health food stores, small chains such as Mother’s and Sprouts, and, of course, Whole Foods, which is a market unto itself.

Getting “face time” with these outlets requires seasoned relationships and building a brand in this channel necessitates the activation of time-tested strategies followed by continued persistence by Broker Networks being managed by a National Sales Manager or Master Broker.

Our Master Brokers are long-term industry veterans who are intimately familiar with the various regional and national rep networks and have demonstrated proven results obtaining and increasing distribution through this channel.

The Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Physician Markets are Practitioner Networks and must be approached carefully and with very specific methodologies.

Acceptance in this channel can have major benefits toward the eventual widespread adoption of a product, and it is often a faster route to revenue than retail distribution.

Many very successful brands have created their market share by employing this model alone or as a first step, and active practitioner awareness and support of a brand, along with education and recommendations to their client base—as well as resultant sales—can create the positive groundswell and word of mouth that can form the backbone of a larger retail launch.

Achieving distribution in this channel requires the establishment and management of a Sales Rep team. We are fully familiar with managing this type of campaign and have made this market accessible to many of our clients. If we feel that the practitioner channel would be beneficial to your company and product, we can build a plan to address it.

Our broker network has strong relationships with the largest retail chains in the country, including Target, Walmart, K-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Safeway, Albertson’s, etc. There are more than 300,000 potential outlets in this channel, including independent stores, medium-sized chains, and large national chains.

As the natural market has exploded, we have seen a major increase in products making a successful crossover from natural to mass market, with the corresponding dramatic rise of revenue.

Although we don’t usually recommend tackling this immense marketplace right out of the gate, there are instances when a product is a perfect fit for these large retailers, and we have accomplished this for past clients.

Due to the size of the market, the need for detailed expertise in how to approach these chains and the large potential costs and risks associated with entering this channel, it is essential that experienced brokers that are fully familiar with the process, competition, pricing etc. be utilized in any targeted distribution acquisition campaign.

When the timing and market conditions are right, our established network of broker partners can move your brand into this marketplace, while we provide the strategic and marketing support necessary to ensure you capitalize on the opportunity.