Internet Marketing


Google Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Strategy and Execution and Email Marketing & Customer Acquisition are all critical tools to the success of both your online and brick and mortar campaigns.

Social Media encompasses a wide range of activities, most importantly FaceBook and Twitter. It is important that these channels be used properly. Social Media is really PR and must be treated as such. We can create a campaign that engages your audience, builds and maintains a positive relationship, and gently steers them into buying opportunities.

One of the most important attributes of the web is its ability to facilitate viral communication. Video is by far the most viral medium, and it is therefore crucial to have a video strategy for online use, especially if you are not also broadcasting through traditional media such as TV. We can create and maintain a YouTube channel for your brand, conceive a video strategy that showcases your products and brand in a potentially viral campaign, and produce all necessary video.

Email Marketing Campaigns are absolutely necessary as your brand grows in order to build and maximize your relationship with your audience. Email and Landing Page strategies can be used to acquire customers, educate them and create sales. An ongoing Email strategy creates a valuable growing customer base, which is an asset that can translate into long-term survival of your brand.