Market Categories


The US Health and Wellness industry represents approximately one-fourth of global category sales. This market does not show any signs of letting up, as Health and Wellness education and awareness is only increasing. Competition is tighter than ever before, but the market is open to brands that offer a higher quality product and unique positioning.

Adtenna specializes in strategy, marketing, sales and distribution in the following market segments. Our background and expertise extends into other sectors as well, but this group of categories is our core focus.

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Dietary & Herbal Supplements / Nutraceuticals

Over half of Americans take supplements. There are vast differences, however, in quality, consistency of raw ingredients, clinical evidence or lack thereof. New product entries offering improved solutions to age-old problems also require education of the public before consumer acceptance occurs. The US consumer is an active researcher, and new, high-quality products that engage and inform the consumer continue to break through and gain market share.

A majority of the US population uses nutraceuticals. As awareness of health and wellness options and adoption of natural remedies increases, especially with the information sharing present due to Social Media etc., this trend maintains its upward progression. Continued opportunities exist in this sector for brands and products displaying innovation and differentiation from previously existing product choices.

Natural Skin Care / Cosmeceuticals

Skin care products in the US, with anti-aging products being a large sub-category, constitute the highest percentage share of the global skin care market. Improved manufacturing methods are producing higher quality products each year, with many new products featuring essential and natural oils with few if any inactive ingredients. The public is demanding and buying more and more sophisticated products that provide the purest ingredients and highest quality formulas, proving a continued opportunity for new, high quality market entries.

The cosmeceutical industry in the US is growing at almost double the rate of the general cosmetic industry. The combination of cosmetics and active ingredients makes a compelling argument, as has been demonstrated by the demand for wellness beauty products. The US population’s extreme orientation towards appearance and increasing awareness of the proliferation of natural and organic beauty products with health benefits makes a potent case for the continued expansion of this category.

Functional Foods & Beverages

Functional Foods & Beverages is an exciting sector that is expanding much more rapidly than the general food and beverage industry due to the fusion of nutrition and active ingredients as well as style and trend factors. The opportunity in this marketplace is great for products that push the envelope and offer a fresh take on a traditional product approach. Some of the most creative products are seen entering this category.