Online Market


There is no denying the steady upward trend of e-commerce, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. The Online Market is currently the fastest growing US retail channel by far, with its biggest player.

Besides being an essential marketplace to participate in, the online market also provides unique opportunities due to the fact that it has the fewest barriers to entry and by far the lowest start-up cost when compared to other distribution options. Even if e-commerce is not the primary focus, a strong online presence is essential from a branding, educational and PR point of view in order to engage and stay connected with your audience.

In addition, there is no quicker way to market than developing an online store and using Google Pay-Per-Click to gain immediate exposure and sales combined with Search Engine Optimization for long-term traffic. The companion benefits to this approach are the instantaneously available analytics that track your sales metrics, monitor the marketing approach and provide the insight necessary to immediately identify any needed campaign modifications.

Adtenna will develop and manage your Web Development and Online assets so you can begin to build an online presence for your brand, and we can continue to expand your brand recognition through Internet Marketing and Social Media campaigns without the large advertising budgets needed to support retail distribution.